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Medical Grade Skin Care

The addition of medical grade skin care is a key factor in not only rejuvenating your skin, but also complementing your surgical procedures.

We carry OBAGI Medical in office. We also sell the full line of ALASTIN Skincare here on our website. Coming soon, SKINMEDICA online!

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Refresh your skincare routine with science-backed, award winning anti-aging products you'll love.

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We carry the full line of 

Obagi Medical in our office. 

Come by today to make your selections!


Why is perioperative skin care important?

Think of your skin like the pillow case to your body. When we perform aesthetic surgery to improve the structure of either face, breast, or body, we are altering the pillow underneath. You would never buy a fancy pillow and cover it with an old pillow case. For the same reason, it is important to make sure the skin is revitalized in addition to the underlying structures. 

This is definitely true for facial surgery, where aging skin can undermine an otherwise beautiful surgical result. 

For body, these products can also help with swelling and bruising. 

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