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Here at SPS, we perform aesthetic surgery of the breast which includes:

  • Mastopexy (breast lift)

  • Breast Augmentation 

  • Mastopexy + Augmentation

  • Implant removal

  • Revision breast surgery

  • Breast Reduction 




In a breast reduction, the size of the breast is reduced in volume and weight while the tissue is lifted to place the nipple into correct position. Women with large breasts often suffer from neck and back pain, rashes, shoulder grooving, inability to exercise, and the worst- inability to find a proper fitting bra!

This operation is one of the most highly satisfying cases for both the patient and the surgery due to its ability to drastically improve the symptoms and lifestyle of the patient. 

Insurance does cover a breast reduction if you meet their criteria of enough volume to be removed (determined by the surgeon) as well as documentation of the above symptoms. 

This patient is 3 months post op after Breast Reduction. She has complete resolution of all back and neck pain. She is now more functional and can perform exercise such as brisk walking without poor posture. She has been able to lose 10lbs with just improved activity post op. 

What should I expect with my breast surgery?

What is the recovery like from breast augmentation?

Post op after placement of breast implants, you may have some pain and soreness. Typically for cosmetic cases, the implants are placed under the muscle. You will be limited in amount of weight you can lift with your upper body for 4 wks to allow complete healing.

You will be walking immediately night of surgery and can perform light activity.

What size implants and what type of implants will I have?

The size of the implants is very much dependent on several factors. First is your body frame, breast base width, and amount of skin. The volume of implant may be limited based on these factors. It is important to place an implant that is appropriate in size as implants that are too large can have a higher complication rate such as malposition and capsular contracture. The projection and cohesivity is also a component that you can discuss with your surgeon and is largely based on your aesthetic goals. 

Projection describes the height of the implant off the chest wall and the cohesivity refers to the gel and its ability to maintain shape. 

At SPS we only use smooth round implants and do not use textured or shaped implants.

We have a selection of both Sientra and Mentor products. 

How do I know if I need a mastopexy (breast lift)?

A consultation with your surgeon is necessary to know for sure; however, many women have descent of their nipples called ptosis due to aging and (for many) pregnancy and breast feeding. With ptosis, unless mild, a breast lift is needed to correct the anatomy and location of the nipple areolar complex. 

What bra do I wear?

You will be placed in a surgical bra for support of your new implants for the first 2 wks. You can covert to a well fitting sports bra with no underwire after the first week if you choose. I prefer no underwire for 6 wks and supportive bra at all times for 3 months total. 

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